The Insight Fest
September 30th, 2017
NOR Veteran’s Hall
400 Norris Road
Bakersfield, CA



We are excited that you are interested in being a part of the The Insight Fest’s “Vendor Road”!
Our event is being held September 30th, 2017 10am-9pm at the Norris Veteran’s Hall 400 Norris Rd Bakersfield, CA 93308.
Our goal is to gather a highly vibrating, resonant group of psychics, healers, metaphysicians, and vendors who can work together in light and in harmony. We reserve the right to reject any registration.

Please download and complete the form below to apply to be a Vendor.

If we need further information we will reach out to you directly.

By downloading this application and submitting it you agree to the terms and conditions on the application and you understand that The Insight Fest will not be responsible for any aspect of your sales including but not limited to taking credit/debit cards, making change, charging and paying sales tax.

Vendor Application Download;

Outdoor Vendor Application