Sharon Whealy

Sharon discovered the Berkeley Psychic Institute in the mid 1990’s after moving to Sonoma County. Beginning with their basic meditation classes, she then completed their clairvoyant program, ministers training program, teachers program and a three-year trance-medium channeling program. With over twenty years’ experience as both student and teacher, Sharon has a passion for helping people release the pictures and ideas that limit them in creating a life of their dreams!

Clairvoyant Readings: Spirit to spirit communication helps you gain insight into those energies, ideas and concepts that limit you realizing your full potential.
Sharon will look at your energy and what you are creating and communicate any blockages that are limiting you. She reads from a vibration of “psychic kindergarten” that keeps her readings simple and fun, while validating and empowering You!

To help focus your 15-minute reading, suggested topics include:
Past Life ~ how previous lives are affecting you in this life
Relationship ~ with family, friends, lovers, yourself
Finances / Career
Spirit Guides ~ are they Helping or hindering?
Spirit’s Purpose ~ God of Heart – your connection to the Divine
Aura Reading ~ 2-3 layers of your aura… what is going on in your energetic field
A Question ~ Best questions start with “What is the energy that . . . ?”

Sharon will be available for readings $20 for 15 minutes
3pm – 9pm

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