The Insight Fest
September 30th, 2017
NOR Veteran’s Hall
400 Norris Road
Bakersfield, CA

If you are interested in performing on our HUGE festival stage please read the following and fill out the application.



  • The lineup will be determined by date of registration and according to the applicants listed order preference.
  • Cover-ups must be worn over costumes while walking around and not performing.
  • All performances must be family-friendly and contain no nudity or explicit lyrics in music.
  • All performers are expected to behave professionally at all times and treat fellow performers as well as The Insight Fest staff, volunteers, and attendees with respect and kindness. The Insight Fest strives to create a friendly and supportive environment so that we can all enjoy our time together!
  • There will not be time allotted for access to the stage for a rehearsal ahead of time. The stage dimensions are approximately 60 ft wide by 16 ft deep. The stage can be accessed from the left side. “Stage right”.

Bring your music on CD or iPod, if on CD bring a backup CD.  Only the song you are dancing to should be on the CD.

  • Performances may be improvisational or choreographed.
  • All dance participants must check in 1-hour prior and then be ready backstage at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your performance time. If you are late your spot may be forfeited.
  • Please leave phones on silent while in the festival room and in the backstage dressing room. Be courteous to fellow performers. Do not take up more than your fair share of space. Space in the dressing room is limited. Please keep your items organized and in a designated spot without sprawling. The mirrors and costume racks are to be shared. There will be an assistant in the backstage dressing room if you need assistance. Due to limited space only upcoming (within 45 minutes) performers will be allowed in the dressing room.
  • Performers receive a pair of General Admission tickets and can upgrade tickets to All-Access (which includes the workshops and lunch) for $10 each.
  • The schedule will be emailed ahead of time but is subject to change. Please be flexible.
  • All participants agree to allow The Insight Fest to use images and videos captured at the event to be used at any time for promotional purposes.

Other important Information

The dressing room is to be shared kindly and considerately. Please share the space and mirrors. There will be a dressing room helper and we trust that our volunteers will be treated with respect and kindness. The dressing room is not big enough to run through your dances and warmups should be done either before entering the dressing room so that you don’t get in anyone’s way. Keep your items neatly packed in your bags when you are not using them and please don’t “spread out” all over the space. NO GLITTERING or hair-spraying of oneself in the dressing room.

Please have a cover -up or veil and easy to slip on and off shoes for the walk to the stage area. A volunteer will be available to escort you from the dressing room when it is your performance time. You will remain in the dressing room until it is your turn so that we don’t have to hunt anyone down. After you perform you are free to put on a cover-up and go watch the rest of the program.

Liability Release: I hereby agree that I will not hold The Insight Fest, My Guide to Insight, or any of their producers, sponsors, employees, volunteers, agents, or others acting on their behalf liable for any injury or illness, or for the loss or destruction of any personal property that may occur during, or as a result of my participation in the above-mentioned event. I hereby voluntarily release, forever discharge and agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Insight Fest for any and all causes of action, which are in any way connected with my participation in the event, including such claims which allege negligent acts or omissions of The Insight Fest. I also agree that all information on the entry form is true and correct.

Media Release Agreement: I understand photographers and/or television crews may sometimes be present photographing or filming competitions, performances, classes, rehearsals or presentations regarding the event. I give The Insight Fest the irrevocable right to use these photographs and/or television footage that include myself for advertising, promotion, exhibition, or any lawful purposes on television, or in any newspapers, magazines, internet or any other media. I waive any right to inspect or approve the photograph(s) or finished version(s) incorporating the photograph(s) including written copy that may be created and appear in connection therewith. I agree that The Insight Fest owns the copyright in these photographs and I hereby waive any claims I may have based on any usage of the photographs or works derived therefrom, including but not limited to claims for either invasion of privacy or libel. The foregoing includes all Agreements between the Parties and acknowledges that are no other agreements unless specified in writing by a representative of The Insight Fest.

By completing the application and submitting it I agree that I have read and agree to the above conditions.


Your $15-value General Admission Includes:

Music/Entertainment/Belly Dancers
Many Psychic Readers to Choose From!
Readings: $20 for 15 minutes
Lots of Shopping with our Incredible Vendors
Amazing Food for Purchase – Great Prices Choose from
the very highly rated Georgia Boy BBQ


amazing all vegetarian plates

If you’d like to attend some amazing workshops and have some delicious food included; for just $10 dollars, you can upgrade to the All-Access Pass, which includes ALL of the Above, PLUS your choice of a savory, delicious complimentary meal including compassionate vegetarian options AND access to the full line up of inspirational speakers and workshops on belly dance, self-nurture, development and spiritual growth.

Check them out here:

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