Jarrett Psychic Medium

Jarrett is a Psychic Medium who connects with spirit to provide you with guidance and healing. His mission is to bring healing and insight with all whom he comes in contact.

Since he was a young child he saw and heard things that others did not and had a healing connection with spirit that he knew he could transfer to others.

Jarrett became a Reiki Master Teacher and incorporated Chakra Healing classes with guidance from spirit into his current energy healing modality.

In 2009, after a traumatic brain injury, many worldly things stopped being important and he delved deeply into learning more about himself and spirit. He started receiving very clear messages from spirit for himself and others. In 2010, he started working professionally at Enchanted Cottage, a metaphysical store in his hometown of Bakersfield, California.

He’s always been very open to spirit and has been sought out by friends and family for advice. Having a “tell it like it is” style he gives the information that spirit provides exactly as it’s provided to him. He does not sugar coat anything and this can seem a bit harsh, but necessary. He has been told “Wow! Thank you for being so concise and to the point, you really cut to the bone.” Also, one store owner overheard a client saying, before her reading, “I know I need this but it’s like going to the gym-I don’t want to. Getting a reading from Jarrett is like a workout for the soul.”

Jarrett is a psychic/medium and receives messages from your Spirit Guides and with the assistance of his Spirit Guides translates that information to you. Jarrett is also able to receive messages from your loved ones who have transitioned.

Jarrett will be available for readings $20 for 15 minutes

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