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“Bear Who Dances With The Sky”

A Native American medicine woman, Irene serves as a conduit for spiritual, energetic, and shamanic healing.  In particular, Irene channels strong and subtle energy to reveal and shift patterns of emotional blockage at a cellular level.  She integrates spiritual messages, chants, and songs channeled through the wisdom of our ancestors.

Irene is a certified Reiki Master and Ortho-Bionomist.  She is a pipe-carrier, initiated into this sacred responsibility and prayer practice by her teacher, Blue Bear Medicine Woman.  She carries on her teacher’s legacy of teaching, healing, and sharing the ancient Lakota and Cherokee tribal medicine traditions with all people.  Irene has also studied under Lynn Andrews, Michael Harner, and Timothy “Whispering Eagle” Aguilar.

In addition to one-on-one healing work, Irene offers long-distance shamanic healing and Soul Retrieval.  She also works with the Angels for healing and spiritual connection.

Irene will be available for readings $20 for 15 minutes 10am-3pm

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