Herbs for Spiritual Development

Herbs have been used in Asia for thousands of years by Buddhist Monks, Taoist Sages and Zen masters to enhance mental clarity, support meditation as well as promote radiant health, longevity and Enlightenment.

Ganga and Tara have traveled throughout China with Master Herbalist Ron Teeguardan in search of the finest herbs in the world. They teach about the herbs known in China as the Superior Herbs for preventing illness, promoting longevity and enlightenment. Ganga first met Master Herbalist Ron Teeguardan in the 90’s and became a close apprentice. Ron Teeguarden has had many apprentices over the years but Ganga is the only one that Ron invited to live in his home with his family. Ganga worked as the Tea Master at Dragon Herbs.

In this workshop you will learn the powerful philosophy and tradition behind Tonic Herbalism, examine the most powerful tonic herbs, and taste a potent tonic herbal elixir tea. The presentation includes inspiring stories and visuals. Ganga and Tara’s new book, “Herbs for Spiritual Development” will also be available.

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Ganga Nath and Tara Leela

Ganga is an American born yogi who has studied Advaita, Vedanta, Zen, Daoism, Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism, Gnostic Christianity and Native American spiritual traditions. Ganga has been fortunate to study with many great teachers and has devoted his life to being of service by teaching spiritual development in the West for over forty years. He has taught thousands of people to meditate, started retreat centers and founded Dharma centers in America, Europe and Asia. His sincere wish is that all people discover the infinite joy that is their true nature. Ganga is dedicated to assisting in raising the consciousness of humanity. May all beings swiftly attain full enlightenment.

Tara is a visionary, artist and mystic, who has studied the great philosophies of the world, both in India and at home in America. Through- out her life Tara has worked closely with many great spiritual teachers serving and assisting them in their spiritual missions. She has taught yoga, healing, spirituality and meditation since the late 70s at the request of those teachers. As a result of her sincere dedication, Tara has started numerous dharma centers and spiritual communities in America and taught internationally. She was acknowledged for her environmental work in preserving endangered forests. Tara’s deep love of nature led her to a profound understanding of one’s Inner Nature. She has devoted her life to bringing the knowledge of how to develop consciousness to those who desire to grow and awaken to their infinite nature.

You can find out more about Ganga and Tara at Universal Fellowship of Light Publishing.