Anna Romero

Anna Romero and I was born in Bakersfield, CA into a magical family, with both her mother and grandmother having gifts of their own. Her earliest memories are of seeing spirits, hearing voices and predicting events.

At the time she didn’t realize she had gifts, she just thought all kids did that stuff! Anna was raised Catholic which resulted in her relinquishing her natural born gifts. She lost touch with her gifts completely until the end of her marriage when Anna decided to explore her spirituality, outside of organized religion.

It was then that she happened to enter a metaphysical store that changed her life. Anna was reintroduced to all her natural born gifts as well as oracle cards, the teachings of Abraham (law of attraction), psychic readings, herbs and stones/crystal and moon rituals.

That was 2 years ago, and now she offers oracle card readings and psychic readings. In addition to the readings, she also offers intuitive guidance sessions that go beyond readings by offering in-depth guidance in various aspects of life.

Anna also hosts a monthly Women’s Circle that consists of women gathering to support each other in life, understand and embrace accountability, make positive changes and step into their divine feminine strength! Anna is currently in the midst of completing Doreen Virtue’s Fairyologist course to become certified in Fairy readings. She is also currently enrolled in a coaching program by Hillary Rubin to follow one of her dreams of becoming an Intuitive Guidance Life Coach. While exploring and strengthening my heart an soul on this journey, my purpose is to also be a strong divine Goddess role model for my amazing 12 year old daughter.

Anna will be available for 15 minute readings for $20 from 10am-9pm.

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